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Working in Financial Services for 17 years,
Ability always uses the best technology.

Ready-to-use CRM combining mobility
with the best practices of Financial Services.

Serves Wealth Managers, Multi Family Offices, Investment Banking, Advisors, Financial Consultants, and other financial institutions where a differentiated customer service is provided.


  • Reports the prospecting process
  • Sales Force activity reports by sales executive, or by team
  • Records individual, corporate or multiple combinations of clients.
  • Integrates with Google/Outlook agenda and e-mail, among others
  • Issues mailing lists and lists by interest, objective and product
  • Groups and/or segments clients
  • Registers international accounts and assets
  • Runs in any Internet browser (mobility)
  • Follows Anbima best practices codes



  • Profile compatible with Administrators’ and Assets’ terms and contracts
  • Documentation and Compliance support
  • Segmented by indication, distributor and service level Mandate and allocation
  • Investor Profile (risk tolerance)
  • Wealth Planning with follow-up
  • Simulation/project (resources allocation)
  • KYC, PEP, Fatca

Other Features

Client Management

  • Registers every assessment segmented by type
  • Prospecting, meetings, calls and events follow up
  • Tasks and meetings agenda, featuring invite
  • Emails archived by corresponding Client
  • Profile quality and completeness measuring
  • Task automatically scheduled for expiration dates



Financial Data

  • Distributors, administrators and assets profile
  • On and Offshore bank account
  • Fixed Income, hedge funds, equities, derivatives, etc.
  • Funds profile and fact sheet
  • Pension Funds regarding tax option and beneficiaries
  • Investor volumes, portfolio position by asset
  • Registers deposits and withdrawal ticketing


  • Power of attorney (bank)
  • Structures/Ventures
  • Life insurance, health insurance, and others
  • Credit cards
  • Exchange (investment in foreign currency)
  • Hired service (third party billing)
  • Income Tax Returns (follow-up)
  • BACEN declarations (follow-up)
  • Venture Capital
  • Will and testament (follow-up)


  • Portfolio view by importing the client’s financial position from any system or spreadsheet
  • Deposit/withdrawal ticket and workflow integrated to the client’s history
  • Portfolio reports' quality assured by workflow
  • Activity report segmented by team
  • Client list restricted by user profile
  • Access to client data editing restricted by user
  • Initial panel with alarms and scheduled tasks
  • Customizable dashboard preserving corporate image (Logo, CSS, cloud address and e-mail address)
  • Issues mailing lists e other reports, and exports it as XLS and/or PDF

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